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housing [Mar. 1st, 2007|03:16 pm]
Queer Humboldt


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I am planning to spend the academic year '07-'08 in good 'ol Arcata, attending HSU on exchange from Portland State University. I will be full time and working.
If you happen to know, or think you might need a roommate starting in august-ish, consider me!

Little bit about me:
I am 23, female. I am pretty middle of the road as far as housing situations go. I like to be clean, but am not a neat freak. I like to enjoy a few beers but am not a "partier". Looking for roommates who are: residing close to HSU, queer/queer friendly, bike riders, folks who have an interest in sustainable livin', revolutionaries, whatever... I am a proactive communicator who very much wants to enjoy my living situation.

I am also open to starting from scratch with folks in similar housing situations.